About Us

Erlox is an innovative property investment company established in 2013 to develop and manage bespoke property portfolios for ourselves and our clients with an added emphasis on delivering profitable social responsibility through our collective philanthropy.

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What We Do?

PORTFOLIO BUILDING: Our core principle is sustainablility through the creation and retention of desirable and efficient property portfolios. In order to achieve this, we identify and acquire lucrative investment offers. We and our partners then manage, develop and sell these opportunities to achieve our long term portfolio goals. This full spectrum of property opportunities is achieved through building strong relationships and creative solutions with agents, vendors and our partners, which we hope you will become. This expertise allows us to deliver great investment propositions to our small and large investor partners. If you are a vendor or agent please contact us about what we can do for you and if you would like a portfolio of properties yourself, consider partnering with us. Our minimum partner requirememt is passion for the property investment industry.

What We Give Back?

PHILANTHROPY: Join our network of landlords and developers who are discussing and integrating social responsibility best practice into their portfolios and are developing real-world solutions with stakeholders to strategically invest to solve the difficult issues in the property sector. This includes: social housing, abandoned buildings, socio-environmental impact, homelessness, disaster response and more. We are working towards sustainability, profitable results and philanthropy. If making a profitable positive difference interests you please contact us to find out more.


Contact Us?

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